The Open Source Film Digitization Platform


Kinograph is an open source film scanner/telecine for digitizing all gauges of film. It currently supports 35mm and 16mm. 8mm is in active development.

Watch this short video for an introduction to the Kinograph and the philosophy behind its DIY roots.

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New Video!

Kinograph fan Ernie Zahn of NPeaches came to my studio to shoot a short piece on Kinograph. Thanks, Ernie!


Kinograph8 announced

We are developing a small version of Kinograph dedicated to 8mm and Super8 film capture and processing. We will be announcing a Kickstarter campaign in the late summer of 2014. Please join our mailing list for updates.

Company Status

Kinograph is a registered C corporation. We are currently seeking seed funding for development of a full line of products and services. Within the next year we hope to accomplish the following:

  1. Improve hardware designs with digital fabrication techniques including 3D printing, CNC part manufacturing with common materials, and readily available electronic components.

  2. Hire a software developer to create a cross-platform interface for controlling the machine and processing of imagery.

  3. Develop a kit of parts for the DIY Kinograph for sale.

  4. Develop a machine dedicated to small gauge (8mm/Super8mm) digitization (see Updates below).

  5. Hire a community manager to build relationships with individuals building DIY versions of the Kinograph.

  6. Design and build an industrial prototype capable of 4K+ capture at 24 fps or greater.

  7. Provide on-site scanning services, including cleaning and prep, scanning, and metadata/storage solutions. This service is fully customizeable and can include educational programs to aid fundraising for the host institution.

To become an investor, please contact us at