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Forums Launched

Due to increasing interest and a wide variety of "wishes" for the future of Kinograph, A forum has been launched where interested users can begin to exchange information. Check it out here.

Survey Results

A survey was sent to the Kinograph mailing list of over 700 people. The survey was focused on gauging interest in a smaller Kinograph built specifically for 8mm/Super8mm. Check out the results HERE.


Kinograph is an open source film scanner/telecine for digitizing all gauges of film. It currently supports 35mm and 16mm. 8mm is in active development.

Watch this short video for an introduction to the Kinograph and the philosophy behind its DIY roots.

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New Video!

Kinograph fan Ernie Zahn of NPeaches came to my studio to shoot a short piece on Kinograph. Thanks, Ernie!